Logistic beyond expectation




Customized Logistics Management Software.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a complete Logistics Management Software provider. Since 2010, we are in the field of SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT for Logistics Industry. As a premier organization, we have built a reputation of a quality company with its extensive experience in research & developments.

This software integrates Operation, Warehousing, Human resource management, Accounting, Vehicle management and other MIS reports into one application. Every report can be exported in EXCEL format so that you can further fulfill your other additional requirements from relevant reports.

Further you can drill down from balance sheet report to input vouchers directly for modification instantly

We are serving our valuable customer throughout the country. Now while expending our service area, it’s our pleasure to introduce our selves to you.

This Software is Useful for

  1. Full Load Booking
  2. Part Load Booking
  3. Warehousing
  4. Fleet Owners
  5. Packers and moveres

Benefits and Features of Logistics Management Software

We can manage all Office at a one place (Head Office) without any extra work (On Line Operation through Internet Broadband connection). Detailed advantage and features are as following:


  1. Save Money and Time.
  1. New Technology Software.
  2. Customer can get on line inquiry.
  3. On Line Service Support.
  4. User Friendly.
  5. Simple Worker can handle this software.
  6. No need for special training.
  7. All Reports can be Exported to EXCEL Format.
  8. Complete Tally Style Zooming from every Report and Entry level.


  1. On line attendance system for all staff, worker, driver, labour.
  2. On line salary preparation on daily basis after completing target job.
  3. Online daily Rocker system.
  4. Any number of branches can be maintained, Provision to have separate bill series and allotment of serial numbers for all transactions for branches.
  5. Branch wise profitability based on from which branch the work is generated through the billing & final Lorry challan payment is done from some other branch.
  6. TDS tracking in case of payment received after deduction of TDS and Claim. You can keep track of TDS certificate to receive.
  7. Reports can be taken from one branch or consolidated for multiple branches.
  8. Individual query for the status Consignment notes, Lorry challan, Freight bill, Money Receipt/Delivery order/Manifesto.
  9. User parameter setup with certain restrictions for Company/Branch wise and as well as Entry, Edit & report level.
  10. Various MIS reports for Management department of company to see the performance of Branch wise business.
  11. Add-in Complete Fleet Management with trip details and way expenses, tyre and equipment’s with documents expiry information.
  12. One-line Attendance of staff, Drivers and labors.
  13. Daily salary updating as per attendance.
  14. On line maintain of Day book, Ledger.
  15. Auto MIS reports to customers

Procedure for Operation of Software.

  1. Consignment Notes can generate maximum in 3 keys.
  2. Dispatch Challan, e-way bill consolidated auto generated
  3. Lorry Hire Contract
  4. Track and Trace, online GR tracking as per vehicle GPRS.
  5. Vehicle arrival Repo
  6. Out for Delivery Challan.
  7. Delivery Confirmation – on receiving POD
  8. POD Movement
  9. Money Receipt for to pay and paid c/notes
  10. Freight Bill for to be billed c/notes
  11. Bill submission letter
  12. Payment of Advance / Balance for Lorry Hire Slip.
  13. Driver advance for Trip in case of Own vehicle loading
  14. Vehicle Trip Sheet.
  15. Vehicle Tyre, Spare Parts, Repair & maintenance, diff. Taxes payment.
  16. Receipts from debtors with TDS & deductions effect.

Reports are available Party wise, Date wise, Branch Wise and consolidated

  1. Attendance reports of staff, driver, labours.
  2. Salary preparation reports of all employees.
  3. Booking Reports. Origin to destinations.
  4. Vehicle Challans Reports
  5. Warehouse Reports – Booking, Delivery, Transshipment
  6. Delivery Reports – un-delivery reports
  7. Consignment in transit reports
  8. POD Reports
  9. Freight Bill Register
  10. Party Rate Contracts with other charges details
  11. To pay – Paid M.R. Register.
  12. Unloading Register.
  13. Party Wise Outstanding Detail Report.
  14. Party Wise Outstanding Summary Report with Ageing Analysis.
  15. Party Wise T.D.S. Summary Report
  16. Party Wise T.D.S. Detail Report - All & Pending
  17. GST Register.
  18. Cash Book, Bank Book, Ledgers, Trial Balance, P/L A./c, Balance Sheet.
  19. Bank Reconciliation Statement
  20. Branch Wise Expense Summary
  21. Branch Wise Operational P/L Report (Single Branch / Merged).
  22. Branch Reconciliation Report.
  23. Own Vehicle wise P/L Report (Summary & Detail).
  24. Own Vehicle Expense Report (Tyre, Spares, Diesel, Repairs etc.)
  25. Own Vehicle Spares Stock Report.
  26. Own Vehicle Taxes Expiry Report. Hire Slip, Bill, Vouchers,
  27. Bill Submission Letter,
  28. Trip Sheet, Unloading Memo etc)
  29. Missing Document Report (L.R., Hire Slip, Bill).
  30. M.I.S. Reports.